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No Sauce Pasta

No sauce pasta excerpt


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In my part of the world, we have been awaiting the rains and cooler weather for way too long now. The mild showers from last week have certainly made things better though. Don’t rains make us all a little scatter brained and melancholy? No? just me? Anyways, the darkening skies, the damp in the air and continuous sizzle of rainy breeze make me crave gingery, cuddly, warm things. And chocolate. Don’t ask, how that translates into rolling out sheets after sheets of pasta, by hand… with a rolling pin. Because, that’s just how this brain works. I am pretty sure it started out with the germ of an idea of something warm and cuddly while I was pottering around the garden. Then look, baby spinach! And there, HUGE basil leaves, so yeah! Ravioli!